Anti-bullying Guide for Kids Udemy Free Download

Anti-bullying Guide for Kids Udemy Free Download | Free Download Anti-bullying Guide for Kids to know Bully-Busting Techniques for Children with Jack and Kiki.

What you’ll learn:-

How to deal with bullying at school
Practical tips on dealing with bullies
The importance of and how to teach the Life Skill of respect and self respect to young children
Understanding the power of forgiveness
How to identify a bully
Effective non-violent techniques for self-defence from the ancient laws of Martial Arts
Increase self-awareness to get rid of bullies from your life
5 robust anti-bullying techniques

Parent, carer or educator who wants to help stop bullying among children
Anyone who wants a better understanding of why we bully
Anyone who wants to learn effective techniques on how to manage and even stop being bullied
An open mind to new ways of tackling bullying

Explore robust effective ways to prevent bullying among young children.

The magic combo: Martial Arts & Reading – a great way to learn and teach:

To help teachers and educators raise awareness and effectively change behavior among young children, this course uses a variety of teaching methods:

  1. The power of storytelling – using 2 picture books to instill values of courage, self-belief and respect in tackling bullies
  2. Martial Arts strategies – 5 non-violent ways to deal with bullies at school or in the playground
  3. Standing tall – take charge of your life, moving from victim to empowered
  4. Importance of respect – learning the life skill of respect and self-respect
  5. Storybooks

Fun rhyming picture books with characters the children can relate to.

Jack’s Roar

Jack may be small but he has a mighty ROAR. Follow Jack and cheer him on as he not only defeats the bullies, but opens their eyes to a new way of thinking and being. Help your child find their roar!

Kiki the Kung Fu Kitten

A shy little kitten faces the challenge of living with bully-baddie Banjo. Using her powers of compassion, understanding and self-belief she teaches him a lesson or two in the ways of empathy and friendship. Let Kiki empower your child to believe in themselves and help take the bite out of bullies.

  1. The “bully-busting” program for kids provides 5 proven self-defence techniques kids can use at school or in the playground:

Non-violent techniques based on the ancient laws of Martial Arts. System devised by Master James Hudson, Owner of AIM Martial Arts & Leadership Academy.

2.1 Avoid

2.2 Block

2.3 Divert

2.4 Evade

2.5 Battle cry

  1. How do you show up?

The importance of owning who you are. How you appear to others may be making you an easy target. Help your child stand tall and use the powerful Law of Attraction to ease bullies out of their life for good.

  1. Respect

Learning life skills at a young age is essential. One of the most important ones is that of Respect – both for others and yourself. Follow a simple reward system to help your child adopt the mindset of Respect and all its benefits (other LIfe Skills, see A Positive Start)

Who this course is for:
Parents and educators interested in stamping out bullying in the lives of young children
Educators and parents who would like to help a child who is being bullied

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